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From Russia with love

Our trading company find any goods from Russian manufacture for the best price with 100% GUARANTEE quality. We make all export documents and custom clearance. We find the best logistic solution for you. FREE samples.

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Who we are?

LLC STEAMSHIP has been exporting various products made in Russia for over 5 years. The main office of the company is located in the Far Eastern region of Russia in Vladivostok. The main exports of our region are: food, frozen fish, seafood delicacies, wood, metal scrap, equipment under the order, chemical products

We find different cargos from all Russian manufactures depending on your request!

Our company provides the following services:

Search for any Russian-made goods throughout the Russian Federation

Search for the best price with a proven 100% quality guarantee

Making of all import - export documents

Free product samples for your requests

We will be able to find the best logistic solutions for you wherever you are

Why we?

Fast and quality( our main courses)

Commitment(Our words are valuable, we don't waste them)

We have custom license(import\export any goods from Russia)

We went to the largest USA rating agency(Dun and Bradstreet)

How to work with us?

Looking for the goods depending on your requirements (send to you free samples)

Make a contract

Make prepayment

Delivering to your country